PROVISIONS of the international children’s picture competition «HAPPY CHILDHOOD»

of the international children’s picture competition

I. General provisions
This is a children’s international picture competition under the name «Happy childhood» that aims to track attention to the fine arts, discover young talents who can show values such as patriotism, unity, humanity and friendship through art. This event will organize by the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan with participation of young artists of Turkmenistan and other countries, dedicated to the announcement of 2021 year in Turkmenistan as a year of «Turkmenistan – Motherland of peace and trust».
Winning works and those that have been distinguished from other will be shown in the exhibition in the museum of fine arts of Turkmenistan in 1st of June 2021 at the day of International children’s protection day.
Participating works will not returned and will become the property of organizers along with all rights to use them in different exhibitions in Turkmenistan and abroad with authors name on it.
Works of participating will uploaded in the official website of Ministry of culture of Turkmenistan also.

II. Competition terms
Children from elementary schools, children who are attending art classes and students from special art and creative schools may attend in current competition. Competitions will be held in two age categories:

- 7-11 years old
- 12-16 years old

Competition will be held in two types:
- Picture (graphics)
- Painting (watercolor and gouache).

Works have to be done by participating child individually without any outer help. Every child may attend with one work only.
Attending works themes must be such as: «I love peace», «Turkmenistan – the Motherland where dreams come true», «Beautiful sights of my Motherland», «Happy childhood», «Turkmenistan that I know».
Works has to be drawn during 2021, sized 30x40 sm., original and unframed.
Works must be sent to the Ministry of culture of Turkmenistan until the 1st of May 2021. Works, which attended late, will not be able to participate.
Information form must filled to according the Application №1 and will attach to the back of a work. Works that are not prepared according to the requirements and those, which lack information about the author, will not allow to participating. Works sent as an unpaid load or cargo will not accept.

III. Awarding of winners
The jury members consisting out of famous artists, art historians, experienced teachers of art school of Turkmenistan, will estimate all the participating works. Jury’s decisions will be final and will not be reconsider.
The name of winners will announced on 22 of May 2021 and will uploaded on official web site Winning places will be:

3 - I places
3 - II place
3 - III place

3 - I places
3 - II place
3 - III place

3 - I places
3 - II place
3 - III place

3 - I places
3 - II place
3 - III place

Winners of the competition will be awarded with diplomas and gifts and the distinguished works will be awarded with honoring certificates and encouraging presents.

Contact information:
Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, 744000,
Ashgabat, Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue, 461;
Tel: (+99312) 44-00-07, (+99312) 44-00-44.
Fax:(+99312) 92-33-16

Application №1

Form of the international children’s picture competition «HAPPY CHILDHOOD»
To be filled by the participant. Please fill completely with general letters and attach on upper left side of your works back.

1. Surname, name and fathers name
2. Date and place of birth
3. Gender (girl/boy)
4. Theme
5. Schools name
6. Home address, phone number
7. Training teacher

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